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Counselling and Creative Therapies in and around Brighton & Hove


There are many different approaches to counselling and our therapists have different backgrounds, training, and experience which leads to a unique counselling experience suited to your needs as often there is not a one size fits all approach to therapy. If you are interested in a particular modality of counselling please let us know.

All of our therapists commit to ongoing professional development, which entails a minimum of 30 hours per year for the duration of their working life. They are insured and members of a regulatory body in line with their specific training, The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) in the main.

Meet the Team. JacquiRoundColour

JACQUI | Lead Counsellor and Supervisor

I am an integrative counsellor, bringing an eclectic approach to sessions dependent upon the needs of the client. Although much of my work is in general counselling and pastoral care, I am experienced in therapeutic creative arts therapies, each underpinned by the core conditions of the person-centred approach, and respectful of each person’s spirituality.

Much of my work has been with abuse, domestic violence, rape, trauma and relationship issues, but whatever a person’s situation, I know that a safe and trusted relationship with a counsellor can be central to that person’s ability to gain insight and make meaning of their life.

I come from a pastoral background, initially as a lay counsellor in the late 80’s, then gaining professional qualifications in pastoral counselling and creative arts therapies working with all ages. I am a qualified clinical supervisor and an accredited member of the BACP, whilst also working as a pastoral coordinator for a large city church in Brighton & Hove, managing aspects of pastoral support, team building and skills training.

Meet the Team. RobRoundColour

ROB | Co-Lead Counsellor

I am a Person-Centred Counsellor who loves facilitating groups, team building and supporting people to identify and develop their skills and talents, empowering them to find their own solutions to life’s difficulties.

My Person-Centred Art Therapy training has helped me understand how imagery can provide a rich and satisfying way of expressing strong emotion and truth. I have helped develop several therapeutic community homes and established a Care Farm using the principles of connection with nature, connection with people and connection with a structured working day.

I am a founding member of Friends First, a faith-based charity that seeks to empower and retrain the disadvantaged and long-term unemployed.

Meet the Team. JonathanRoundColour

JONATHAN | Associate Counsellor

I have a background in Literature, and as an MA student immersed myself in stories of all kinds. The power of stories to engage, draw insight, transform, and heal, fascinated me. However, my journey towards becoming a counsellor started when I began to wonder: what happens when our stories unravel, or become stuck? When we no longer have a sense of it being told, or being heard?

Working with homeless people in London and Brighton helped me to realise the value and dignity of individuals being listened to. Training in counselling opened my eyes to the potential of a strong therapeutic relationship in enabling individuals to find within themselves capacity and resources for sustainable growth and change, and for the therapeutic encounter to be the vehicle for that.

My experience leads me to believe that there is an amazing and mysterious power in the therapeutic relationship between the client and the counsellor to facilitate change at a foundational level.

I draw on various therapeutic models, depending on the needs of the client, and the one I have come to increasingly recognise as the most powerful, is the ‘We’ psychology of Fritz Kunkel, who stated that “The Real Self is not ‘I’ but ‘We'." This inspires me to work collaboratively with clients towards real growth and creative power.

Meet the Team. LornaRoundColour

LORNA | Associate Counsellor

I am a qualified person-centred counsellor with experience in using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and creativity activities when words and experiences are hard to express. I have extensive experience working with mental health and trauma within the supported housing sector.

When there are challenges and pain in our lives it can create a range of feelings that can be challenging to accept and process; sometimes this can be a lonely and confusing place to become stuck. Sessions with me will be supportive and friendly, a confidential space for people to be themselves, feel heard, and explore what is needed to move forward. Moving forward can look like healing, peace, confidence, balanced life, a better understanding of self, or learning skills to manage mental health. Everyone is different, so whatever your struggle, you will find me listening without judgment and empowering with empathy. Sessions are led by whatever you bring, which leads to an organic and flexible path to freedom. CBT uses worksheets, activities, and homework to learn new ways of thinking and living to bring freedom from your struggles.

There are a wide range of reasons to come to counselling, however, if it helps you to identify particular areas, they may be: anxiety, depression, stress, life challenges and well-being, low self-esteem, ADHD, relationship issues, trauma, sleep issues, bereavement, grief and loss including life changes.

Meet the Team. AmandaRoundColour

AMANDA | Associate Counsellor

I am a qualified Therapeutic Counsellor and work in an integrative way – this means that I will bring together a range of therapies depending on what my client needs or finds helpful.

Counselling is not about 'fixing' a person;
I believe it is about walking their journey with them, listening to them without judging, and being able to see the world from their perspective. I will walk at their pace, looking at their difficulties and challenges when they are ready. I believe they have the capacity to heal and move forward.

My former training in pastoral support has been working with adults within a large city church setting. I have also been a pastoral referral team member at Newday, a nationwide conference gathering 7-8,000 youth each year. In this role, I have had the privilege of coming alongside those who are struggling in various areas of life.

I am passionate about seeing adults, children and young people empowered to live life to its fullest and overcome hurdles that they come across. I have had extensive training over the years in my pastoral role in a local secondary school and have supported many young people with self-harm, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, eating disorders and many other mental health issues facing adults and young people.
I have qualified with CRUSE bereavement counselling supporting adults, children and young people with bereavement and loss, and am currently training in counselling children and young people.

Meet the Team. TinaRoundColour

TINA | Associate Psychotherapist

I have worked for many years supporting people with their wellbeing and mental health and transitioned to work as a project manager, developing a local women’s centre.
I also have a background in dance and Creative Movement and always enjoyed the creativity and storytelling of self and others. As I taught dance and creative movement,
I noticed that participants were discovering a deeper and more meaningful connection with self as they found different ways to express their emotions and their stories.

In 2015 I graduated with a master’s degree in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from Canterbury Christchurch University. I work from a person-centred approach, offering a safe space that is non-judgemental, and where the client can explore their unique story with time to reflect. DMP offers an opportunity and a creative process to rediscover a sense of self through the common language of movement, restoring connection and healing to our body, mind and spirit.

I have experience of working in the areas of recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, women involved in the criminal justice system, childhood and adult trauma, anxiety disorder, depression and more recently specialising in working with men and women who have experienced pregnancy loss. I also work with men and women experiencing infertility and in the IVF process.

Meet the Team. DianeRoundColourCorrect

DIANE I Associate Counsellor

I’m an integrative counsellor, having foundations in a person centred approach, while bringing in various techniques from CBT, IFS and Psychodynamic strategies to tailor therapy to suit you.

I love to meet you where you are and walk with you on your journey of discovery, by providing a non-judgmental space where you can feel safe as you talk through whatever life challenges you are facing.
We may pause along the way to explore options to help you cope better, as well as looking at the deeper root issues.

I can offer a broad scope of experience from working with adults of all ages facing anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, depression, anger, relationship difficulties, severe illness and loss, to counselling support for individuals with pregnancy-related issues.

As a Member of the BACP and ACC, I adhere to their Ethical Guidelines, which hold a client's best interest at the centre. While I am a committed Christian, I am non-discriminatory and open to all faiths or none, keeping a professional approach to personal beliefs, while open to explore spiritual concerns a client may have.

Meet the Team. Zilla Headshot

ZILLA I Associate Counsellor

I am a qualified person-centred counsellor with a strong background in mental health. I came to counselling several years ago after a 17-year career in social work. The recurring theme I noted throughout these years was that given time, space and support people are able call upon huge internal resources to work through their issues to find answers. For me, counselling provides a gentle way of co-piloting people through this.

I began my work as a counsellor for a local hospice undertaking predominantly bereavement work and I also continue to work with a charity that supports family and close friends bereaved by suicide. As well as these I also have experience as an employee-assistance counsellor providing support to people struggling within their jobs for various reasons.

Our sessions will, I hope feel relaxed and provide a safe space to bring whatever you feel is helpful in moving you forward. I hope through our sessions you will find an empathic environment that is helpful to you in moving forward with your life.

“The therapist at Charis gave me lots of time and patience to unfold my story and the things that I wanted to talk about. They worked to provide me with understanding to recognise situations arising and techniques for being present and safe, that really met the place of need. From immense stress and trauma to a much better place.” - CLIENT



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